Material testing
Quality management

Radiographic check:

We test steel, stainless steel and aluminium with a microfocus X-ray system. Absolutely reliable and verifiable.

3D coordinate measuring technology:

This measurement technology is reliable and consistent, providing verifiable results. Thanks to sophisticated software the testing and inspection times are shortened throughout the production process.

Micrograph evaluation:

We grind and polish our sample steel, stainless steel or aluminium connections. These can be analysed and archived thanks to a digital microscope. An integrated measurement module improves the evaluation of the microsections.

Tensile test:

The tensile test is a standardized method in material testing. Here the tensile strength, elongation at fracture, yield point and other material characteristics are measured. The material is uniformly elongated at a constant speed until it breaks. The values for the technical material characteristics result from the force applied and the altered length.