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The heart of the company: stamping and drawing technology

The BSB Stamping and Drawing Plant is the core of our company – whether you need punching, cold drawing, embossing or hot bending. At the same time, the plant is the decisive factor in creating a practical and comprehensive variety of products. We plan and produce everything for you – from the customized individual part through to volume production – optimized in terms of time and costs.

Progressive tools and punching units ensure constant quality at all times, from the simple insert to the complex progressive production of parts from coil.

Benefit from our many years of experience in tool construction. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and our experience we can transform all your ideas into a tangible metallic form.
We will be happy to provide advice and support!

Our production range – your possibilities:

  • Coil and strip metal plants up to 1,000 tonnes
    Unbeatable cost-effective variant for high quantities.
  • Hydraulic presses up to 560 tonnes
    Optimum method of deep drawing of moulded parts with constant sheet thickness.
  • Toggle presses up to 1,000 tonnes
    Practical diversity in sheet metal processing: BSB manufactures for you quickly and precisely in small or large quantities or completes your semi-finished parts exactly to your requirements.
  • Eccentric presses up to 450 tonnes 
    For cutting-stamping work and embossing-bending work with short press strokes – both small batches and volume production.

Stamping, bending and cutting from strip steel – the 1,000 tonne coil stamping plant produces cost-effectively, fast and in large quantities.

We make use of synergies, e.g. we draw the bottoms of the BWB pressure vessels ourselves: a smooth sequence in the production chain from which our customers benefit.