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From functional to colourful – surface finishing

Do you have a very special colour in mind for your sheet metal part or your pressure vessel?

Maybe to match your company’s colour design? In the surface finishing process we give your workpiece the perfect exterior. We coat and paint in every conceivable colour, exactly in line with your wishes. You can choose one of our two methods depending on the surface protection you require:

Powder coating

Powder coating guarantees scratch and impact-resistant surfaces with extremely high protection against corrosion. With the assistance of our automatic painting booths we can easily coat large or small batches as well as complex components made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

All workpieces are subjected to suitable pretreatment, thus guaranteeing an outstanding surface quality with the best possible adhesion properties. All the parts are optimally prepared for the subsequent coating process by means of  upstream spray degreasing with zinc phosphating. The pretreatment is sewage free.

Wet paint

Our electrostatic painting machine in the wet coating department saves both paint and costs. Comparable to a magnet, the workpiece attracts paint particles from the spray jet. This ESTA (electrostatic application) technique reduces the consumption of paint and protects our environment.